Gov Seyi Makinde


A topmost socio development group, the Oyo State Development Advocacy group (OSDAG), has called on all the meaningful sons and daughters of the Yoruba Nation, home and abroad, to wake up and sense the targeted campaign of calumny against Governor Seyi Makinde, over the recent happenings in Oyo State.

Gov Seyi Makinde

The group said it was right for nerves to rise over the spate of mindless and gruesome killings by Fulani invaders and other criminal elements, who have now cultivated the habit of targeting their peaceful hosts in Yoruba communities but however noted that it defeat logic to heap blame on Makinde who has been working tirelessly to guarantee safety of his people. It is erroneous for anyone to think that Governor Makinde is taking side with Fulani invaders against his own people who voted him to power.

As part of the governor’s effort at stopping these elements from their criminalities was the formation, and funding of the Amotekun, which kicked off with 1,500 personnels and has recorded a lot of successes, these success didn’t come without a stiff resistance from those who don’t want the governor to succeed.

Amotekun is still at the formative stage, has received a lot of black media campaign, even from the media organizations own and control by the Yorubas, whose interest supercedes the interest of the region, and lack of co-operation from the police, to the extent that, when they make arrest of criminals, police either refuse to detain them or release them back into the society. There were reported instances, where Amotekun apprehended Fulani invaders, and they were being released by the police without charging or prosecuting them.

The group pointed out that the disturbing trend of insecurity in Oyo State, as well as other parts of Yorubaland should be solely blamed on the Federal Government led by President Buhari who has continued to indulge the excesses of the marauders through his actions, instead of wading into the needless crisis orchestrated by his tribesmen.

Michael Ogunshina, who is the spokesman of the group, defended Governor Seyi Makinde over the incident in Igangan town few days ago, noting that he could not have encouraged jungle justice employed by some irate persons as a governor who swore to protect lives and properties in the state.

He insisted that the media statement of the governor on the crisis was in order and asked detractors and those who are trying to make political capital from the unfortunate incident to thread carefully as the public will not fall for their dangerous antics.

OSDAG calls on all Yorubas home and abroad to rally behind Governor Makinde in his quest to restore peace and stability to the state, stressing that security is the business of all and Oyo people should not be swayed by the devilish move of the opposition to blackmail the governor with issue of insecurity just as the All Progressives Congress (APC) did to former President Goodluck Jonathan because they want power at all cost.

“Seyi Makinde has been one of the region’s brightest star, who has continued to show that good Governance is not a rocket science, through his numerous pro-peoples useful projects,” Ogunshina noted in his statement.

“While the rage is on, and everyone is throwing bricks at him, the Yorubas must also be warry of their actions, and avoid using their own hands to pull down their brightest star. For the purpose of emphasis, there are few leaders in the same category of Makinde across Nigeria, and it will be very difficult to get his kind with the pull him down syndrome currently being promoted by some selfish politicians.

“It is the same Yorubas that says that if you use left hand to chastize a child, you use the right hand to bring him closer, so the Yorubas needs to proceed with utmost caution over this matter.

“We as a group lauds the effort of Mr. Sunday Igboho over his gallantry and efforts in the defense of Yoruba homeland from the killer herdsmen, however, as a critical stakeholder, he needs to work with all the necessary agency of government as anything done outside the law of the land may have serious consequences, already there are institutions that what he embarked on has some political undertone, but that is immaterial at this time, what is important is for him to join hands with the agency backed by law”

For the sake of emphasis, Governor Seyi Makinde, has vowed that peace and tranquility will return to every parts of Oyo State in few days. This remarkable moves, was initiated on Sunday by the governor, when a high powered government delegation, accompanied by the State Commissioner of Police and some traditional rulers visited the troubled zone, charging the people to support the governor, while he tries to mend fences with his people.

We want to alert everyone that, destructive propaganda and criticizm cannot help any son or daughter of the Yoruba land, order than for everyone to join hands together to solve our problems by facing our common enemy, the statement reads.

The group frowns at statement claiming that undocumented persons can live anywhere in Nigeria, stressing that the right to live in any parts of Nigeria stops when such person or group begins to constitute security threat to their host community or begins to engage in criminality as it is currently being witnessed to the extent that farmers in the South West can no longer go to farm over fear of being mauled down by Fulani Herdsmen.

“As we all know, Governors are not responsible for the control and command of the Police force, and other security agencies, but the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, whose body language has continued to show that he is not ready to prosecute the herdsmen– a worrisome signal that infers tactical supports for their criminality,” Ogunshina emphasised.

The group calls on all the six (6) South West governors to set aside their political leaning, and call for a meeting of all Yoruba Stakeholders, in a bid to set a solid agenda for the region in terms of socio political developments, security, economic development, restructuring, devolution of power, education, Agriculture, Healthcare, and others, stressing that only a united Yoruba nation can conquer every forms of Insecurity and restiveness.


Michael Ogunsina
Spokesman, OSDAG

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