One of things that depicts the strength of any organization is the ability to work around its core vision and mission, while keeping an eye on its objectives. By doing this, the Folorunso Iserere Foundation continues to impact citizens positively in different aspects.

The brains behind this noble foundation derive joy in putting smiles on citizens’ faces- thus, the foundation’s vision are premised on seven cardinal objectives to achieve sustainable all-round development for citizens.

The Foundation objective on Education centers on providing enabling activities that support quality formal and informal education.

Similarly, since a healthy nation is a productive nation, FiF has supported and would continue to support activities that contribute to a healthy and thriving population via preventive, diagnostic and curative health services provision.

In the area of wealth creation and empowerment; the organization plans to identify and support small and medium scale ventures. By enhancing their productive capacities through access to seed grants and appropriate tools as well as implementing innovative ideas.

The organization will support sport and recreational programs across all age groups with a mindset of contributing to citizens‘ physical and mental fitness.

On Agriculture, the organization will provide support to farmers and food processing firms with the aim of creating sustainable value chains.

As sustained development rests on
active civic engagement and innovation, the foundation will support various initiatives that would address issues that concerns the populace so as to educate, reform, protect and shape public values.


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