It is not an overstatement to say Oyo State has witnessed geometric rise in security challenges under the watch of Engr Seyi Makinde as the executive governor of the state. No geo-political zone in the state is left in the crisis orchestrated by hoodlums, fearless area boys and by other disgruntle element.

From Ibadan, down to Oyo town, straight to Ogbomoso, Oke-ogun and Ibarapaland land have all witnessed rising insecurity in their domains. Unarguably, Ibadan has been grossly affected by the incessant crisis with relaxed security operative.

In the next few years, if urgent steps are not considered by government to tame and clip the wings of perpetrators of the civil unrest in the state, some areas in Ibadan may overthrow Idi-Arere, Ita-Ege and other volatile areas in Ibadan South East local government area of Oyo State.

One of the areas that stand the potential of taking over from Idi-Arere, the alleged headquarters of hoodlums that breeds the likes of late Moshood Ekugbemi and leader of One Million Boys is Gov. Makinde’s father’s neighbourhood that comprises Oremeji, along Lagos-Ibadan expressway, Ogbere Moradeyo, Idi-Oro, Ogbere Babanla down to Agboluaje, Ogbere Idi-Osan, Ifewumi-Gbaremu and Idi-Obi down to new airport.

This online newspaper found out that the base of the so called ‘Omo Federal’ a group of young boys with no job, specialising in gambling, smoking marijuana in broad daylight, harassing innocent individuals and extorting money from passers-by is located less than 200 metre from the governor Makinde’s father’s house close the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. The open ground close the river flowing from Onipepeye down to Babanla river is a place of convergence before moving to another joint close Lagos-Ibadan expressway This newspaper observed the so called ‘Omo Federal’ boys were in connivance with other hoodlums made three attempt to set Agugu Police Station ablaze during the EndSARS protest that lasted for days in October, 2020.

The area boys almost lynch a police officer who was going on his own during the protest in the area, he was beaten to coma from Mufulanihun Secondary School expressway down to Oremeji before Babaloja of Oremeji, Mr. AbdulAzeez Onimalu with support of other elders in the area to rescue the life of the young cop.

With the burning of Kobolese Police Station, Idi-Osan during the EndSARS protest, the hoodlums perpetrate evils without any recourse. The residents of  Ogbere Moradeyo, Oremeji-Agugu, Idi-Oro, Ogbere Babanla, Idi-Osan down to Alajameta to Idi-Obi now live in fear as no one could predict when they will strike again.

‘Omo Federal’boys have gone to the extent of stopping trailers conveying various goods at night on the expressway to extort money from them. FreshPage reliably gathered that it took the intervention of Amotekun security outfit before trailers could pass on the expressway at night few days ago.

Recently, there was an attack and counter-attack between the ‘Omo Federal’ area boys and Kokoro boys. So also the Ifewumi Boys launched an attack on Idi-Obi boys which was also countered. Many shop owners are yet to overcome the losses recorded during the crisis as heavily armed area boys chase the shop owners away to during the day to loot everything in their shops.

The time to act is now for Mr. Governor to guarantee the security of lives and properties in the areas and other parts of Oyo State. Gov Makinde should make effort at rebuilding demolished Kobolese Police Station located at Idi-Osan market to forestall breakdown of law and order.


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