Alaafin stool


Little did evildoers know that they could never change the destiny of God and His subjects because it is something that has been written and sealed.

Life itself has revealed several stories of people who have lived in the past. Some of these men’s and women’s lifestyles were all documented for many of us to read and learn from their good deeds and mistakes.

Alaafin stool

Today, history has made us remember those who used their position to better the lives of others and those who see power as their family inheritance and believe it won’t leave them.

I have always said this: only God can enthrone and dethrone people.

Where were those in power few years ago? In the last administration in Oyo State, we speak of people like Hannah Ogunesan as the most powerful in the former governor Ajimobi’s administration in Oyo state.

Her influence was not only in the government but everywhere in the state. Today, this woman is alive, hale, and hearty, but can she control like she used to do before? What about the Chief to Staff to former Governor Alao-Akala.

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That should tell every current powerful person that everything will surely come to an end. No one reigns forever.

On Alaafin Royal Stool, if not for personal interest, what then is delaying the approval of the nominated candidate by the Kingmakers? From all indications, it is certain that the governor’s attitude is more of a Machiavellian who wants to impose his choice on the masses.

There are several questions that demand immediate responses:

Why is Governor Makinde delaying the concluded process?

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Has the due process been taken in the choice of Prince Lukman Gbadegesin or not?

Is there any petition either from the kingmakers or the fellow contestants for that stool?

Does the candidate submitted have any criminal or inflicting records that can bring disrepute to that institution?

Does the candidate have any questionable character or is he not a prince of the Oyo kingdom?

Why is the Governor taking a personal interest in the royal stool? Is he from Oyo town or do chief laws say he is to decide for the kingmakers?

Alaafin of Oyo is not just a mere king but the leader of all traditional institutions in Yoruba land. An attempt to delay the approval of the nomination of Prince Gbadegesin Lukman Ayinla is pointing towards the governor’s selfish interest.

The man, Mafojudola Ayinla, is educated, brilliant, famous, and very acceptable by his people and he is versed in the required knowledge of that position.

The late Alaafin, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III, transitioned long before the exit the trio of Soun of Ogbomoso, Aseyin of Iseyin, and Olubadan. Today, these three Obas have been crowned and approved by the government of the state.

Isn’t it funny and understandable that Mr. Governor is talking about personal interest?

Reports have it that some elements among Governor’s kitchen cabinets are the instrument of that delay in the approval of the choice of Prince Lukman. These people who consider themselves as being powerful failed to realize that their days are numbered in that office.

Where are the Malami, Tunde Sabiu, and others who think without them nothing can be done in President Buhari’s administration? Today, they are being chased by EFCC and ICPC for gross misconduct and misappropriation of public funds.

If these people fail to learn from their predecessors and friends, their own ends will soon come and we will not only laugh at them, we will raise curses and bully them for their illogical position.

Alaafin’s stool is a position that must be filled by the candidate elected by the Oyomesi who are the rightful and legal kingmakers recognized by the law. The governor is just to append or sign the nomination presented by the kingmakers.

Hassan Popoola writes from Ilorin, Kwara State.


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