Gov Seyi Makinde


It is worthy to state that education, healthcare, economy and security are the main cardinal points of this administration, Gov. Seyi Makinde prioritizes energy access and infrastructure development as key factors in the attainment of his administration’s agenda in his five years as Governor of Oyo State through a series of strategic initiatives to address the state’s energy challenges and drive economic growth.

Gov Seyi Makinde

The collaborative and innovative efforts of the young and dynamic enigma, The Honourable Commissioner for Energy and Natural Resources, Barr. Seun Ashamu has been instrumental in collaborating with Governor Seyi Makinde to revolutionize the energy sector in Oyo State. Under their joint efforts, significant strides have been made to enhance energy production and distribution. The Commissioner has fostered strong public-private partnerships to attract investments and expertise from all around the world in the energy sector, hence, making the state leverage cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to the menace of a non-industrialized economy.

One of the notable projects is the construction of Solar-Hybrid Mini-Grids in various locations across the state. These innovative systems combine solar power with battery storage and generators, providing reliable and sustainable electricity to communities. The mini-grids have been completed in Otefon, Atiba Local Government Area (LGA), Orisunbare and Ajia, Ona-Ara Local Government with more installations going on in several locations.

To further enhance healthcare services, the administration has undertaken the installation of solar lights at 21 primary health centers across Oyo State. This initiative not only improves the quality of care but also ensures that these vital facilities have access to reliable electricity, even in areas not connected to the national grid.

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Recognizing the importance of youth empowerment, the government has implemented a meter installation training program for selected youths in the state. This training equips young people with valuable skills and knowledge, contributing to their employability and the overall development of the energy sector, with some already enlisted in both public and private firms.

Another significant project is the connection and energizing abandoned transformers across Oyo State. By reviving these assets, the administration ensures that communities have access to electricity, reducing the level of hopelessness and improving overall energy distribution.

The government has also prioritized the provision of solar power to major markets in the state. This initiative not only enhances the working conditions for traders at night but also contributes to security and overall economic development of these important commercial hubs.

In a major boost to the state’s energy infrastructure, Oyo State signed a $100 million investment agreement with Shell Nigeria Gas (SNG). The project involves the construction of a Pressure Reduction and Metering Station (PRMS) and the laying of pipelines by SNG on a Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) basis. After 20 years, ownership will be transferred to the state government, ensuring long-term benefits for the people of Oyo State.

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To further expand energy access, the administration has launched the “Light Up Oyo” project, which aims to cover approximately 240km across the state. This ambitious initiative will bring much-needed lighting to communities, enhancing security, and promoting economic activities and night commerce.

The crowning achievement of Seyi Makinde’s energy initiatives is the construction and installation of the first Oyo State Independent Power Project (IPP). This 11MW hybrid IPP project represents a significant step towards energy independence and sustainability for the state. This is towards making the State an independent and self-sustaining state in power generation and distribution, putting an end to the tales of national grid collapse.

This is a strong commitment to transforming Oyo State’s energy landscape through diverse and impactful projects in five years, laying the credence for a more prosperous and sustainable future for the people of Oyo State.


Akinloluwa writes from Egbeda.


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