‘Dr’ Yinka Ayefele, the proprietor of Fresh FM, went on his Instagram page to bemoan the demolition of his Music House by the administration of late Abiola Ajimobi, calling the late governor ‘wicked’. It would be recalled that the Oyo state government led by Senator Abiola Ajimobi, in 2018, demolished the frontal part of the Music House for contravening town planning laws. The government of Abiola Ajimobi tendered documentary evidences to show that radio stations in the state had been warned to rebuild parts of their buildings that flouted town planning regulations. Other stations went to meet with the government to iron out the issues while they readjusted their buildings to conform with town planning laws. However, it was only Yinka Ayefele who refused to carry out the adjustment, even as he refused to liaise with the government to iron out the issues. After much warning, the government deployed caterpillars to demolish the frontal part of the Music House. It needs not be repeated the hues and cries that greeted the demolition as Governor Seyi Makinde, then in the opposition arrived the scene of the demolition in his ‘pyjama’ to show hypocritical sympathy.

The demolition issue was later resolved as the Alaafin of Oyo led other traditional rulers in the state to the Governor’s Office to plead with Abiola Ajimobi on behalf of Yinka Ayefele who was also present at the meeting, looking remorseful. Yinka Ayefele acquiesced that it was true he received letters from the government about the contravention but that he made fruitless attempts to see the governor. The matter was later resolved and late Senator Ajimobi promised that government would rebuild the demolished portion to conform with town planning laws.

It was, however, shocking that Yinka Ayefele, in his usual ‘playing-the-victim’ manners, went on Instagram today to refer to late Senator Ajimobi as being wicked for demolishing his Music House. It’s worthy to note that apart from the rebuilding of the demolished part by Senator Abiola Ajimobi, the late governor had also showed magnanimity in other ways to Yinka Ayefele. When Yinka Ayefele’s wife was said to have bore triplets and a dedication party was slated by the ‘gospel’ musician, Yinka Ayefele himself said on his program that he called Senator Ajimobi to grace the dedication party of ‘his’ triplets. The late senator assured him that he would be at the event on his return from Abuja. And true to his magnanimity, Senator Abiola Ajimobi was at the dedication party! His presence brought colours and glamour to the party. Yinka Ayefele showered encomiums and appreciation on Abiola Ajimobi on air during one of his programs as he, Ayefele, said Ajimobi gifted him huge amount of money. If Yinka Ayefele’s memory could not recall this rare gesture, it’s a testimony that he’s truly a victim of his own folly.

Besides, whoever is conversant with Yinka Ayefele’s antecedents would not be shocked at his chameleonic culture. His recent illogical statements against Abiola Ajimobi on Instagram only confirms how he attempted to lay the blame of the fatal accident that paralysed him on Kola Olawuyi of Ìrírí Ayé fame. After the ill-fated accident, he released an album in which he insinuated that ‘his boss sent him on an errand to a stream with a gourd’! His boss in reference was Kola Olawuyi and the errand was the accident that resulted in his paralysis. As the album hit the airwaves, Kola Olawuyi became the target of caustic attacks from the public who believed what Yinka Ayefele alleged in his proverbial song that Kola Olawuyi sent him on a fatal errand!

During an Ìrírí Ayé program on OGBC one Saturday night, Kola Olawuyi played host to some editors of national newspapers who came to him to shed lights on what transpired between him and Yinka Ayefele. Ayefele himself was on that program. Kola Olawuyi narrated how he came to work together with Ayefele. He revealed that he wasn’t Ayefele’s boss but that Yinka was producing advert jingles for him as Yinka was producing jingles for Toba Opaleye and Gbenga Adeboye. Kola Olawuyi mentioned everything he had done to assist Yinka Ayefele even before he had the accident in his Beetles when he was going to OGBC to deliver jingles to Kola Olawuyi. The editors present asked Yinka why he alleged in his song that it was his boss that sent him on that ill-fated errand. But Yinka Ayefele was just crying, appealing to the editors to beg Kola Olawuyi, that he didn’t mean what he sang in the album. Yinka Ayefele did not also denied everything Kola Olawuyi said about their relationship and how Kola had been his benefactor.

It’s Yinka Ayefele’s folly to always play the victim; a person being persecuted. So, it should not shock anyone that Yinka Ayefele has turned round to tag late Abiola Ajimobi a wicked being for spanking him with the left hand and placating him with the right hand. At least, Abiola Ajimobi rebuilt the demolished portion of Music House better than what was demolished and he, Ajimobi, was graceful to forget all abuses hurled at him and attended Yinka’s party with ‘can’t-speak-with-mouth’ monetary gift! If Yinka Ayefele could spread malicious insinuations against Kola Olawuyi, his benefactor, who else can’t he attack with his folly? Yinka Ayefele’s hypocritical like that!

Morufu Smith writes from Ìbàdàn

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