Apostle Asimiyu Muhideen

One of the finest definition of power is the one proposed by Political Scientist, John Stoessinger. He proposed that: power is the capacity of an actor or man to use his or her tangible and intangible resources in such way that it will affect the behavior of others. Power is the ability and capability to force someone against his or her will. Though, power is relational. It is an instrument to protect one’s interest which may perhaps mean selfish interest.

Apostle Asimiyu Muhideen

From the foregoing, it is evident that man needs power in order to make peace, win war or ensure justice. Man also needs power to progress or to prevent others from making progress. Meanwhile, the basic components of power are resources, capacity or capabilities, and the willingness to employ them in order to control behavior of others.

Having established what power is all about and why it is used to achieve, let me delve into just concluded All Progressives Congress, APC ward congress, it was a very good example of how people play politics with power. It demonstrated the extent at which people could travel to protect what it is so dearly and important to them. It was indeed a power parade show where the key players were twisting power to suit their selfish interest.

Meanwhile, every leader had one or two interests to protect just as every follower also did. But the selfish interest of some leaders who surfaced at the last ward congress was to successfully placed their prepared followers or loyalists who had started jockeying for different posts where they will be useful for them come 2023.Thus turned some of these leaders to accidental tenants in Abuja.They all have one or two rooms to enter to safeguard their interests.

Although, APC constitution recognizes three methods to produce the leadership of the party. The first method is through direct election. The registered members of the party are expected to elect those that will represent their party at local, state and national congresses or convention. Indirect election is another method to produce the leadership of the party. With indirect election, registered members are also expected to elect delegates who will in turn vote those that will represent their party at local, state and national congresses.The last method is consensus; this is a general agreement, decision or opinion of the leaders to pick people that will represent their party at local, state and national level.

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Sadly, the politicking that surrounds the selfish interest displaying by these so called leaders will not allow them to succeed with a single method. Where one leader sees consensus as best option to pick party executives, some will see direct method as better options.

Whereas, leaders who see indirect method as an opportunity to protect their selfish interest are already in Abuja to purchase forms for their followers.

As leaders were fighting dirty at the national party secretariat, Abuja, their followers were exchanging jabs at home. ln some places, it was cold war. For example, in Oyo State, at the last APC ward congress, there were different power blocs. There was Mummy’s power bloc, Penkele power bloc, Lamist power bloc, Senaco power bloc, Minister power bloc, Alao power bloc, Joseph Tegbe power bloc, Tessify power bloc, Akande power bloc, SAN power bloc and a host of others. Alas, all these blocs also had their supporters who were also fueling the displayed of powers and politrick by their masters.

Moreover, weeks after the ward congress that sent followers to different mothers in different rooms, we are keeping our fingers crossed to celebrate who will laugh last.

Apostle Asimiyu Muhideen writes from Akinyele Local Government, Oyo State

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