With Femi Fani Kayode’s quality of training and certification as often claimed and flaunted , I trust he should understand what it means to apologise soberly. Giving the tone of his statement issued to withdraw the use of uncouth language against the timid journalist, the tone of the issued statement and his body language have not showed a true remorsefulness.

With my discourse analysis of some of his utterances during the immemorable encounter with the poor journalist, I have every reason to suspect Femi Fani Kayode to have suffered in his early childhood from either poor parenting due to prolonged permissiveness by parents or unnecessary indulgences he was exposed to while in school. Or could we say his egocentric behaviour has just exposed his psychoanalysis and mirrored the nature of his intolerable psychosocial behaviours.

I could not fathom the correlation between the question asked by the journalist and this particular response by FFK:”Immediately I saw your face, I know you must be a very stupid person”.This is more or less a fallacy of begging the question. It is undeniably a degrading and inhuman treatment to have to the insulted Journalist. Uttering such gutter language against the 53 years old Nigerian Journalist is an indirect way of showing contempt against the call by the journalist mere calling for public accountability.

Of course, the apology tendered whether it is an unreserved one or an apology tendered to just save his face is not an excuse to evade the right and suitable question for the occasion. A good lesson one every journalist could learn from the unfortunate incident is that one must know when to say sorry and when to insist on decorum and orderly conduct by people in authority and power elite whenever situations similar to this happened in the future. Mr Eyo Charles shouldn’t have lost ” the man in him” just because of abuses and intimidation by a man that continues to give impression that he lacks emotional intelligence.

Despite the apology tendered, the question of who is bankrolling his tour of the states in the south is still being asked by people particularly the social media influencers.

Let’s look at Fejiro Oliver’s poser on the raging question.

Who is truly bankrolling Fani Kayode?

According to Fejiro Oliver: By every means and parameters, Fani Kayode who has been styled by the media as FFK is not a wealthy man. He is only a man of means who can afford the good things of life that won’t stretch his financial chest.

His only claim to fame was being Minister of FRN where he was accused of milking the Aviation Ministry and facing probe today. He affirmed it that he can’t be poor because he was a Minister which means he went there to steal our commonwealth.

“FFK is one opportunistic creature who jumps on people relevance and situation like the Nnamdi Kanu figure to reinvent himself to public consciousness. He does not side with the minority because they are right but because he has seen something to benefit”.

“The question asked by the Daily Trust journalist was the best question for the day. No one on earth can convince me that Fani left his base in Lagos with his entourage, paid for hotels and decided to tour the whole six South South states in the name of inspection?”

“He does not have such financial muscle to bankroll such voyage that will end in futility. Only the cost of bringing the media houses after every inspection will sink his purse, not to talk of flight, security and other bills that will run into millions of Naira”.

“Is that how much he loves the South South or even Nigeria? Why is he not touring his home state? In what capacity is he even doing this yeye tour that will end up as brown envelope for him? He can tell the birds that he is financing this 365 days round the South with his personal funds but to me and others, he’s being sponsored on his dead on arrival trip”.

“I blame my colleagues who stood and watched a common thief according to EFCC probe, lampoon Journalist Eyo, and they didnt stage a walkout on him. Instead the group of idiots stood there telling the short fuse creature “sorry sir sorry sir”.

“No matter how much he want to mask the question, he must be asked and he has a right to answer or not but to hide behind verbose words to evade it is a No No”.
The question still valid despite the fact: Fani Kayode, WHO IS BANKROLLING YOU?

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