Local Government is the closest to people that is why its election is different; and are held periodically. Most of the states in Nigeria have held their council elections. Just as governor make certain appointment, LG boss is also empowered to make appointment of those that will work with him to deliver dividend of democracy as the closest to people, especially the grassroots.

Most of the Local Governments are expected to unveil various appointments soonest, this will come in different directions.

In my opinion, one of the relevant appointments that every chairman should not gloss over is the Chief Press Secretary (CPS) or the SA Media.

Just for every organization or company that relate with the public, the position of a Publicity Secretary is sacrosanct. I have highlighted eight reasons why an elected Council chairman should appoint CPS and the reasons are inexhaustive.

Communication channel: Communication they say is key. Chairman of a Local Government has the responsibility to close the communication gap between his administration and people. This will be the responsibility of the CPS to serve as the bridge between the government and the governed.

The CPS will help reach out to the communities and get feedback from people to the chairman. This communication channel is important to the success of an administration.

Projection of Activities: In Nigeria, there is almost a general consensus that government at the local level are burden to the people. Giant project of some Local Government are known to microscopic percentage of residence. A CPS will assist the chairman to project the various activities and achievements of the administration.

Employment opportunity: Appointing a CPS will reduce the number of jobless youth in your community. It is most likely an active community graduate will take up such an important position within the council. The CPS of most Governments are usually vibrant youth who will give their best to their immediate community.

Compliant desk: The CPS also serve as the compliant receiver for the administration. In most cases a CPS is accessible by the public, it proffers solutions to various complaints made by the people in the community, and present it the council chairman. This is usually one of the salient roles played by a CPS.

Online Manager: In this computer age, the Local Government can not but be actively present online. The coordination of this online presence is always a job of a CPS. The CPS will project the administration actively on various social media platforms.

Spokesperson: Every administration needs a spokesperson. The Executive Chairman needs to make the public know that there is someone he has appointed to speak on his behalf. A CPS journals, official reports and publications are taken as the expression of the chairman to his or her people.

Publicity: Publicizing activities of a local government through all available medium is the job of a CPS. The CPS uses both local and global tools to make achievements of the chairman and his team known to the people.

Media intermediary: The Executive Chairman cannot be every where doing everything. The CPS act as an interface between the chairman and the media. He or she prepared the media environment for the chairman, defend and project his progress through the media.

The position of a Chief Press Secretary ought to be gazetted by the state Government for important offices that will interface with the public. This will provide adequate and true information about governance in this era of fake news.

Ayinde Jamiu Kunle is the former S.A Media of Alimosho Local Government.


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