Rape, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, means an unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will usually of a female or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent. No doubt, having knowledge of carnality of a girl child or woman illicitly is on the increase in the recent times in Nigeria.

Admittedly, the act is a global phenomenon, but it is almost happening on a daily basis in Nigeria. While a few of these cases are being reported, a larger part of it are unreported due partly to the misgiving or fear already instilled in the victims during and immediately after the act is carried out.

However, I have observed that some parents have totally neglected their parenting responsibilities especially on their female children, thereby aiding and abetting the incidence of rape that is almost ubiquitous in our society.
In fact, as a maxim, “Charity begins at home” parents of yesteryears exemplified good parenting not only by providing for their wards all basic necessities of life as foods, shelter, clothing, among others, they indeed taught their female children the essence of adolescence and the danger inherent therein. Similarly, female children received training on the best sitting position right from home. The reality of today is that, many girls do not have home training as some of them are often seen seated badly in a way that exposes their under wears. To worsen it, some parents are in the habits of buying clothes that expose very sensitive parts of the body for their girl child. These include but not limited to; albeit opaque
but too skimpy skirts, too skimpy yet too revealing clothes, among others, all in the name of westernization as if Africa does not have any cultural originality.
As useful as Android Phones are to these innocent children, parents are duty bound to check their female children’s phones regularly as there are reported cases of misuse and abuse of these very essential gadgets. These include; watching of phonographic movies, joining different dating sites, and more worrisome, is the Cyber crime in which some of them(boys and girls) are now exposed to as if there are no good parents again that can nip all this in the bud.
The major victims of rape are the innocent girls. The fact persists, a raped girl is psychologically traumatized, tending to feel withdrawn and at times, may not see life as worth living again due to social stigmatization and a permanent injury already created in her mind. The act indeed leads to the loss of self pride if not eroding the dignity of a girl child.

If truly we want to fight this menace called “Rape”, then all hands must be deck. Government needs to take very patriotic step by institutionalizing punitive measures and ensure their strict enforcement, parents waking from their obvious slumber and assume all responsibilities of good parenting while the school system continues to teach and emphasize on the need to shun such act as it is a countercultural act. Furthermore, public enlightenment should be intensified on radio and television on effects of this satanic act.

Ibrahim A. ADEFABI
Department of Political Science


Email: adefabi2013@gmail.com
Phone Number: 08051915022

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